What are YOU doing this Easter?

If you are a Christian, your most likely answer to the title question is “I will be going to church.”

Many un-churched people will be doing a lot of other things. However, if a friend invited them to church on Easter, my guess is that most of them would come. It is the best Sunday to invite someone to church. It is the pinnacle of the Christian faith. It is the celebration of the victory of the risen Lord!

So, what are you doing this Easter? You do have a choice.

You can go to church. Most Christians will do that much.

You can intentionally invite at least 5 people to come to church. Perhaps you can sweeten the pot by inviting them over for dinner afterwards. You can plan to worship with them, and then talk to them about Jesus over a meal. Not as many Christians plan to do that.

You can choose to serve at a local church plant on Easter. You can invite un-churched people to be a part (just like above, but at the church plant) and you can serve. Like other churches, most church plants will have more people attend on Easter, but unlike other churches, many church plants do not have a lot of extra servants. Perhaps you could provide some man power for a smaller congregation! Few Christians will make this sacrifice.

But you can. You have a choice.

LifePoint Church in Strongsville is partnering with Abundant Life Community Church as we have Easter at the Mall at SouthPark Mall in Strongsville, Ohio. We will have an Easter Egg Hunt, a Worship service and a full children’s worship as well. We would love to have you come and serve.

So, what are you doing for Easter?


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