Family Corner November 2012 by Debbie

Wow, it’s November! Time just seems to be passing by faster and faster. October was a fun month with many blessings. Josh, Sarah and I were able to make a trip to Cedarville so that Josh could attend the Arts Academic Preview Day. We were also able to spend time not only with TJ but with my parents and my sister’s family as well. This month, we will do the same thing again as Josh wants to attend Cedarville’s Business Academic Preview Day. Josh has been accepted to Cedarville but is still considering his choices as well as what his major will be. Pray that he will be in tune to what God’s plans are for his future. Sarah has wrapped up another marching band season and is now busy with rehearsals as she is the assistant director for Music Man Jr. at 82nd Street Theater. TJ is busy at Cedarville. In addition to his classes with papers to write and exams to study for, he is also a member of the pep band, Jubilate (a choir), and is learning the guitar. Thank you for lifting our family up in prayer. I pray you may have a blessed Thanksgiving season!

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