Why Plant a Church?

With over 300,000 churches in America, why would we want to plant more?
Consider these statistics from www.e4network.org :

— 65% of North American’s (~200 million people) have no church affiliation and do not consider themselves Christians.
— If we were to start new churches of 1000 people each, we would need almost 200,000 new churches in the United States to win all these people.
— The U.S. has the 4th largest population of unreached people in the world, after India, China, and Malaysia.
— The U.S. is 14th on the list of nations RECEIVING missionaries from other countries.
— New churches of 100 are 16 times more effective in winning new converts to Christ than megachurches.

God is definitely doing great things through new church plants. The church plant in Strongsville will reach out to the un-churched  in Strongsville and the surrounding area. We look forward to continuing to share how God works in our church plant.

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