Family Corner by Debbie March 2011

Years ago, I was traveling with my brother, his wife and their 15-month old son. It was December and it was night. Everyone in the car was quiet until we would drive by a house decorated with Christmas lights. Then the silence would be broken as my nephew in his precious little voice would say, “Wow!” My nephew is now in his 20s and recently went on a mission trip to Ethiopia. We received an email about his adventures and there was that word again— “Wow!” as he discussed what he was experiencing and how God was working. It made me realize that we have had a lot of “Wow  moments” this past year. God is amazing! Or prayer is that we will not miss out on the wow of it all and marvel at what God is doing. Pray also for TJ and Sarah as tech week and three performance weekends are coming up for The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe (actually done now). Pray for Josh as he made the Parma High School Junior Varsity team and so begins baseball practice five days a week and scrimmages and games coming up later this month.

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