Family Corner by Debbie for April 2011

It’s April!!  April brings showers, so the saying goes.  This brings to my mind the old hymn and the verse from Ezekiel 34:26 which says, “There shall be showers of blessing”.  What a wonderful promise!  I think I’ll be singing that this month instead of focusing on rain (or snow!) showers.  Speaking of showers, we will be traveling out of state this month to attend a wedding shower.  During that time, TJ and Josh will be making their first college visit.  Pray for them as they begin to discern God’s plan for their future. TJ will be taking the ACT test and he and Josh are both preparing for AP exams in May. Pray also for Josh as his baseball season is in full swing.  He sometimes plays 6 games a week!  Sarah is busy with all of her school and church activities.  Pray for her that throughout all of her busyness, she can be the friend that God has called her to be.

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