A Foundation of Prayer

As we begin the journey of planting a church with a group of others in Strongsville, Ohio, we do not always know the right steps to take. However, God does know the perfect plan, because it is His church that we are planting, not ours. This is why a foundation of prayer is essential to what we are doing. We need to depend on God and his direction now more than we ever have before.  Soon, our team will be meeting together for prayer. We are going to gather to seek God and his direction.

Recently, I have been contacted twice by individuals  I have not spoken to for over 15 years. Both these gentlemen told me that God had placed my name on their hearts and had prayed for me. I am humbled that the God of the universe is paying attention to the task in which we are involved and is raising up prayer warriors for us even when we are not aware.

I am also so blessed to have partners in prayer praying for me and the mission!

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