Christmas Links

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Who does not like to sing the Carols!

Christmas Carols
Christmas Lyrics
Christmas Songs and Carols
Jerry’s Christmas Jukebox



Everything we learned about the nativity… well, may not have been true!

Retooning the Nativity Video

I love this classic moment which Charles Schulz fought for:

Charlie Brown Christmas
“Isn’t there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?”

What do we as Christians do with Santa? Here’s a humor filled blog about this:

Stuff Christians Like Blog “The Santa Problem”

A free download of a Christmas Carol Songbook from the Christian Blue Pages! 


Advent Devotion Book

I have written an advent devotion book designed to use with families for the Christmas season. You can find out more about what Advent is by clicking here. Order the book online by clicking here. You can purchase the book from at the link above, or you can recieve the book FREE with a …

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