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The Fullness of Time

Scripture Reading Galatians 4:4-7 Devotion God always has the right timing! He is never early, and never late. God is always on time. It makes perfect sense, because after all, God created time. And when the fullness of time came … when the right time came … when the time which was set aside by …

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The Angels

Scripture Reading Luke 2:13-14 Devotion The baby announcement is special! We tell our friends, we call our relatives, and we send out little cards telling everyone – a baby is coming! Angels! They are all over the Christmas story! They bring the proclamation to the world of the good news! This is as they say …

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Week 4 Activity – Serve!

Be Prepared Research places in your community that need assistance during the holiday season. Service could be at a homeless shelter, a food pantry, raking leaves or shoveling snow, assisting a Senior Adult in your church (help them decorate for Christmas!) or anything else that involves serving. You might consider finding several choices and then …

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The Angel

Scripture Reading Luke 1:5, 26 Devotion The angel Gabriel and the angels we meet later in the Christmas story with the Shepherds are apparently a sight to behold. (“Zechariah…was… overcome with fear.” Luke 1:12, “[The Shepherds] were terrified.” Luke 2:9) The Shepherds and Zechariah seemed afraid of the angel. Mary was not. However, Mary and …

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The Manger

Scripture Reading Luke 2:6-7 Devotion The maternity ward of a hospital is a strange thing. Everywhere else you go in a hospital, there is sickness and suffering, but most of what goes on in the maternity ward is excitement and joy! Jesus, of course was not born in a hospital. Jesus was born in stable. …

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The Inn

Scripture Reading Luke 2:6-7 Devotion Mary and Joseph travel to an Inn in Bethlehem, but they do not get to stay there. They are invited to stay in the stable. There was no room for Jesus in the Inn. It’s easy for us to sit back a criticize the Innkeeper (who is not in the …

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The Mother

Scripture Reading Luke 1:46-55 Devotion Sometimes we get uncomfortable with the phrase “mother of God.” But Mary was a real human biological mother to Jesus who was the real God/man, 100% God and 100% man. Mary is blessed! She had the privilege of bringing our Lord into the world. Mary recognizes the magnitude of what …

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The Evanglelized

Scripture Reading Luke 2:8-9 Devotion Jesus is born! Who does God tell first? The kings and royalty? The priests and religious leaders? The regular everyday people of a town? NO! Who? Dirty, stinky, up all night, not fit for the temple, SHEPHERDS! The shepherds were the lowliest bunch. The shepherds are told about the birth …

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The Human Events

Scripture Reading Luke 2:1-5 Devotion Our family often travels during Christmas vacation. We pile all our stuff in the van and drive out on the highway and hope for good weather. Joseph and Mary had to travel! Of course they did not have a van or restaurants to go to, but they had a destination, …

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Easter at the Mall

Easter at the Mall was a great success. Not completely sure of all the numbers yet, but there were a lot of people there and I know God was glorified as His message of salvation was proclaimed. Please pray as we seek to connect unconnected people to church and to the Savior. God be praised!