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Nov 05

Communicating the Gospel in a World of Politics

If you live in a swing state like I do, then you are inundated with political ads from both sides and most of them are all about telling you more of what is wrong with the other side than about what is right about their candidate. It is a messy political world right now. I …

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Aug 21

Four Questions to Ask Before Posting Your Views on Facebook or Twitter

Saw this article recently … a good word… Showing imperfect courtesy toward some people is easy. Everybody can do that. Showing imperfect courtesy to all people is also very doable. Showing perfect courtesy to some people is harder, of course. We’d have to be on our best behavior with at least some people all the …

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Jul 29

I Love Youth Camp

I love youth camp. I have been to youth camp as a youth, as a counselor and as a youth minister. I have served at youth camps. I have planned youth camps. Now, my kids go to youth camp. I love youth camp. This past week, my kids experienced youth camp through the State Convention …

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Mar 26

Be the Light!

Some messages just hit home! like the one Pastor Rocky preached this past Sunday. Jesus said he was the light of the world, and we are to shine that light. Shining the light can be difficult. I mean you want to but then things do not go your way… at work … in the store… …

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Feb 01

Send Cleveland (NAMB) features Shamburgers on Mission

I am excited and humbled to be featured in a blog post on the Send Cleveland website of the North American Mission Board. God has truly blessed us and we are excited about the ministry in which He has placed us . I grew up as a Southern Baptist. I was a Royal Ambassador. I …

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Nov 22

Giving Thanks

The list can go on and on and on. Thank you God for the many blessings you have provided for me. My Lord. My Wife (the best one!). My Kids (the best ones!). My jobs (though they be many). My ministry. God’s blessings continue. I am so grateful for a God who directs, provides and …

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