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The Coming – November 27

Scripture Reading Luke 2:8-14 Devotion Advent literally means “coming.” We celebrate Christmas because it was the (first) coming of Jesus. We celebrate advent in the anticipation of the second coming as well. Why celebrate Christmas?  We celebrate because: Jesus came to bring Joy! Jesus came to bring Salvation! And Jesus came to bring Peace! And …

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How to use Advent Devotions? 

In the next month I will be posting daily devotions related to Advent. How can you use them? The best answer is  – any way you wish! Many people like to use devotions alongside the “Advent Wreath” and candles. Traditionally, an advent wreath has four candles on the outside and one in the middle. Those …

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What is Advent? 

Sunday is again the first day of “Advent.” So what is Advent anyway? Advent literally means the “coming or arrival, especially of something extremely important.” Advent on the Christian calendar is a four-week season of preparation and anticipation leading up to Christmas, on December 25. The focus of Advent is two-fold. On the one hand, …

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