That One Kid

So, have you ever done a VBS or camp and there was that one kid. You know the one. Everybody knows his name because it is said so often during the week. As in “Stop that Chad,” and “Chad, stay with the group” and “No, Chad” and “Please listen, Chad.”

We had a “Chad” (name has been changed!) at Theatre Camp last week. he was rambunctious and would not obey and it was at times very frustrating. I made a calculated decision to speak to the mom after the first day of camp. “Chad has been a challenge today, I began.” I mentioned that Chad did not obey the first time he was asked to do something. i concluded the conversation with an assurance that we loved him and wanted him to be back. The mom was gracious and receptive to the conversation, and Chad heard part of the conversation.

Chad came back all week. After the second day, he asked “have I been good today? After all, yesterday was my first day and all.” Chad came this week to soccer camp one day. he told me that Soccer camp was not as fun as Theatre Camp. I hope to see Chad later this summer in our “Big Apple Adventure Camp” and perhaps see him in church soon.

Chad is a bright, active, loving child. He is may be like 0ne of the kids that the disciples wanted to get away from Jesus. But Jesus said,

“Leave the children alone, and don’t try to keep them from coming to Me, because the kingdom of heaven is made up of people like this.”  Matt 19:14

I love serving Jesus through camp ministry.

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