Seven Summer Missionaries!

As we began planning our annual summer “Fundamentals Camps” at Abundant Life Community Church (ALCC) early in 2014, we hoped we would be able to have some of the college and high school teens from our church to serve as summer missionaries. It is hard work to accomplish all we do without help. ALCC is a small congregation of averaging about 60 people each week. Most of our congregation serves in the summer and throughout the year. In the summer, we minister to close to 300 kids in over 150 families in 5 weeks of camps. In the past we have had mission teams come and help with some of the camps, but this year we knew that was not going to happen. We were overjoyed to have seven young people become Namb student missionaries and serve through our camps.
Serving our camps this summer were: TJ Shamburger, Josh Shamburger, and Josh Taylor, all Cedarville University students; Jessi Grasso, an incoming freshman at Baldwin Wallace College; as well as Sarah Shamburger, Caleb Taylor, and Matt Limberg, all High School seniors this fall.
The summer had hardly began and we put them to work right away preparing for Theatre Camp. In every week of camp our missionaries took on a lead role in various areas. There were six camps this summer, including two new camps, an art camp and a teen Ultimate frisbee camp conceived and ran by Cedarville Ultimate player Josh Shamburger. The other camps for children are: theatre, soccer, basketball, and our vacation bible school camp, Agency D3. Missionaries lead through the Bible station, leading children in groups, and at other stations. They also assist as role models for the many teenagers that volunteer at the camps. Josh Shamburger, a graphic design major, also co led the drawing station at our art camp.
TJ Shamburger, a youth ministry major, and Josh Taylor, a bible major, have also been involved in outreach through the Sunday night student ministry. Many teens, church members and friends, volunteer at the camps. These teens are invited to the Sunday night meetings and the summer outreach developed by TJ and Josh, called “game show mania.”
Our final camp of the season, Agency D3 (VBS), drew more kids than ever before and the Sunday celebration and picnic saw several prospect families attending. Each of the missionaries has taught at the bible station and has been able to share the gospel. As a result 54 children have prayed to receive Christ.
In total, Abundant Life Community Church, a small congregation in a suburb of Cleveland Ohio, has reached over 250 children in 170 families. Thirty-five teens have volunteered to serve. This was made possible by the ministry provided by student missionaries working hard serving Christ in their summer break.


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