Time Flies

Tonight I experience another “Senior Recognition.” My second child graduates high school in a few weeks and another part of the journey begins. It honestly feels like last month that he started Kindergarden. Where does the time go? The longer I parent, the more I ponder my effectiveness. Don’t get me wrong, I know that my kids are great and all, I just wonder if I just got lucky. When kids go bad, parents lament “where did we go wrong?” I am crying out, “where did I go right?” The truth is, in either case, God is at work and we both get here by grace and we survive by grace. The grace of God in parenting is a beautiful thing. I would never presume to have the answers, I just praise God we have made it this far and keep praying for more grace. And for those of you who look at my kids and ask, “what’s your secret?” I apologize that I do not have more answers. I do know one thing – their mother is an incredible Godly woman of prayer and action. She makes boring days special and brings special days to a new level. She prays. She prays for our kids. She prays for their father. She prays for God’s grace. So as we go to the next journey, we will continue to depend on God and pray his grace covers us once again.

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