Serving the Community

In October, LifePoint Church partnered with Abundant Life Community Church and participated in community “servant evangelism.” We sent one group to a nursing home in Strongsville, while another group took rakes and went to rake leaves in a neighborhood behind the Rec Center in Strongsville where LifePoint meets. Josh and I went with the leaf raking team and we were able to serve a few homes and even got to speak with a family member at one of the homes.
A few positive notes:
– The gentleman was genuinely grateful for what were doing to assist his dad.
– He was familiar with our church and had seen the sign that morning.
We plan to do more servant events in the future. I am convinced that God will use us as we give to our community. I think the following is true:
Community Awareness (signage) + Community Service (Servant Evangelism) + Personal Conversation (inviting) = People attending LifePoint Church
It is a long journey that will take time. There are barriers. Strongsville has been known in the past as a community in which 75 % of of the residents are not in church. We are fighting against apathy and a very unchurched lifestyle. We cannot do this. God can. Please pray specifically for our servant evangelism efforts in the coming months.

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