I Love Youth Camp

I love youth camp. I have been to youth camp as a youth, as a counselor and as a youth minister. I have served at youth camps. I have planned youth camps. Now, my kids go to youth camp. I love youth camp.

This past week, my kids experienced youth camp through the State Convention of Baptists in Ohio at Seneca Lake. They had a great time. They had fun. They experienced God. They each had a unique testimony of how God spoke to them. I know that camp can bring a high and that you do not stay on the mountaintop, but I also know that when God speaks and His children listen, great things happen! I look forward to seeing how God continues to speak to my kids and to me through them!

A special thanks to Abundant Life Community Church for taking kids to camp and to the State Convention for having the camp. Thanks for providing the platform for God to use to impact the lives of youth – my kids.

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