Don’t Quit on VBS Because of Lack

Recently saw this article.

Interesting article regarding Vacation Bible School (VBS) and its supposed demise. Although I tend to believe that VBS is alive and well, I am intrigued that this article does not in any way address the heart and soul of vbs – evangelism. Though much is said about the concern of follow up and the inability of getting unchurched families to come back to church after VBS, it has been my experience that VBS is the single most effective way to touch the lives of unchurched children with the gospel. What other event or program in your church consistently attracts unchurched people?
I find it interesting that the reasons cited for not doing VBS are based on our lack. Lack of volunteers, children or time. I have never felt that my imperative to share the gospel should be thwarted by my lack. I challenge these churches to look beyond their lack and move forward to reach people with the gospel.
I currently serve as an evangelism catalyst Mission Service Corp missionary. I work with children and youth evangelism through the ministries of small church (under 75 in worship). The church I serve has met some of these challenges head on in recent years. As a result, we recently had over 60 kids at a VBS staffed with mostly teens. One third of these kids attend church less than once a month or not at all. We shared the gospel. Although I know we have much more to do, I am so glad that my church supports evangelism in this way.

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