Communicating the Gospel in a World of Politics

If you live in a swing state like I do, then you are inundated with political ads from both sides and most of them are all about telling you more of what is wrong with the other side than about what is right about their candidate. It is a messy political world right now. I do believe we should be involved in the process and vote Biblical values. That being said, let’s think about something more important. The Gospel. I was pondering the other day about how it does not bother many people to “offend” people with political speech, but they cower at the possibility of offending with the Gospel. Make no mistake about it, the Gospel will offend, and we must be ready to accept that and move on. The problem is, many of us have offended people with our political talk and they won’t listen to the Gospel! God is not a republican and neither is He a democrat, nor is He undecided. He is God. He is in control and He is much more interested in the hearts and souls of individuals than He is in even the welfare of our nation. As we continue the process of planting a LifePoint Church in Northeast Ohio, we are stretched to share the Gospel and communicate God’s values without alienating those who might have differing political views. Please pray that we can give glory to God and share the Gospel in powerful ways.

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