Be where you are

Recently I heard the phrase “be where you are.” I had to think a bit about that. We think we already naturally are where we are. However, we have a tendency to drift. Instead if focusing on the job or ministry at hand we begin to fantasize or wish we were somewhere else. We quit being where we are and as a result we miss opportunities.
Our phones have become the great isolator. The great communication device has become the separator, the isolator. People sit together separately. People isolate themselves in a crowd. We have stopped talking to one another. Grandchildren sit with grandparents and stare at the phone waiting for a text from someone who is not with them. They receive a text from someone somewhere looking at their phone and ignoring the people they are around. We really need to learn to be where we are.
Even as many of you read this on your phone someone is sitting across the table or next to you in the room. Go ahead. Put down the phone. Be where you are.

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