Summer Camps Reports!

We had a great time with camps this summer from the first day of Theatre Camp to the Celebration of Colossal Coaster World on Sunday, July 21st!

Performance at Theatre Camp
Performance at Theatre Camp

For those of you who like numbers, here are a few interesting stats regarding average attendance:
Theatre, 97 kids
Soccer, 87 kids
Basketball, 62 kids
Football, AM   10    PM 10
Baseball, AM    38    PM 15
Cheerleading, AM   29    PM  16
Colossal Coaster, 57 kids

Soccer Camp Comraderie
Soccer Camp Comraderie

Overall, over 300 different kids came to our camps representing 191 families in our community. If we charged just $50 per camp with the above 421 registrations, we saved our community over $21,000!

But the most exciting news of all is that 51 kids made a commitment to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior! Praise the Lord!

We are also proud that we had over 50 volunteers running our camps, not including the wonderful assistance for Football, Baseball and Cheerleading from Zion Baptist Church in Henderson, Kentucky.

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