Week 3 Activity – Caroling

Be Prepared
Find copies of a songbook of Christmas Carols you wish to sing. As you do the devotions, practice singing the carols suggested at the end of the devotions. Don’t just sing the ones with which you are familiar, learn Carols the whole family may not know. Utilize the internet to learn tunes and discover lyrics.

Be Relational
Make plans to go Christmas Caroling. Invite a few other families to go with you. In order to make it a more relational time, limit the number of families participating for this event. Choose a family that your family would like to get to know more. Plan to end the evening fellowshipping together over hot cocoa and cookies.

Be Missional
Be intentional about the neighborhood or homes you choose to visit. Choose shut in senior adults, or a neighborhood near your church. Bring information about your church and Christmas services to share. Also provide gospel tracts and candy to give as well.

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