The Silence – December 8

Scripture Reading
Luke 1:18-20

Silence. That is the punishment Zechariah got for not believing God. We like to pick on people in the Bible when they do silly things. We look with hindsight at Zechariah and we think that he should have known better. He should have realized that an angel appearing to Him would know if he was going to have a baby or not. We think those things, then we turn around and do not believe God for the simplest things in our own lives. I’m just glad that every time I doubt God he doesn’t come in and close my mouth for nine months!


  • What has God assured you, that you have a hard time believing?
  • How can you better walk in faith?

Dear God, I know you have assured us many things in your Word. Help us to believe and receive from you what you want us to have. Amen.


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