The Shoot of Jesse

Scripture Reading
Isaiah 11:1

This is probably one of the least remembered prophesies of Jesus. The shoot of Jesse. Jesus is the descendant of Jesse. He is the “shoot” or new branch growing out of what seems to be a dead plant or stump. Isaiah is prophesying that the royal line of David will appear dead and gone and will revert to the humble beginnings of the shepherd Jesse, but there will come a new branch from this line. The Messiah!
When people look for a hero, they look for the strong king, not the weak shepherd. God is always turning the tables on the perceptions of man. Isaiah’s prophesy was that from the line of the shepherd, the king’s line would be restored!

• How can God bring new life to you? What needs restoration?
• Are there relationships in your family you would like to see restored?

Dear Jesus, Thank you for coming not just as a king but as one from a humble beginning. Restore my family to You. Amen.

“O Come Thou Long Expected Jesus”

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