The Sacrifice – January 2

Scripture Reading
Matthew 2:11

What is myrrh?

MYRRH An aromatic resin having many uses in the Ancient Near East, one of which was to embalm bodies. Why give a baby a spice used to embalm bodies?

Perhaps it was given as a perfume. However, it is in hindsight appropriate to give embalming spices to Jesus, who was our sacrifice. Jesus gave everything for us. What can we give to Him? Like the legend of the little drummer boy… we can give to Him what we have. Jesus wants all of us. We can give the gift of service this year.

What does God want you to do this year? How will you serve? Perhaps you will serve in the church, or with the homeless, or you may serve as a room mom in school, or as a volunteer at a community event. You can represent Christ wherever you go and serve Him in the process.


  • How have you given to Jesus this year in service?
  • What does God want you to do this year to serve Him?

Dear God, Where should I serve this next year? Help me give the gift of service. Amen.

“The Little Drummer Boy”

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