The Promise

Scripture Reading
Genesis 12:2-3

Ever looked for treasures in your attic? If we dig deep into a trunk in the attic we often find hidden treasure, and when we dig deeper into the Word of God we find God’s treasures of promises to us. Abraham was given a promise. He was promised that he would be a blessing, not just to his people, but that “all the peoples on earth will be blessed“ through him. Abraham had a son named Isaac, Isaac had a son who had sons and daughters who had children…. and eventually Jesus was born through the line that began with Abraham. (This is why we sing that Abraham had many sons… but please, let’s not sing that). The point of the story is not that Abraham had many sons as God promised, but that Jesus was to come and bless the whole world.
Isn’t it great that God thought of you, even way back then!

• What other things do you know about Abraham?
• Would you have had the faith to believe God could create a nation from you when you had no children?
• What impossible things can God do through you?

Dear God, Please let me have the faith to believe like Abraham. He made mistakes, but you used him to bring a blessing to people like me. Use me as well. Amen.

“God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”

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