The Old Woman – December 27

Scripture Reading
Luke 2:36-38

Anna spent time seeking God. I mean she spent a lot of time seeking God. She did what most of us cannot. She devoted her life to it. She was serving God night and day. When she saw what was happening with Simeon and Jesus, she knew God was there. When God revealed Himself in the form of Jesus, she recognized Him. We need to be so close to God that when he reveals His plan and His ways we will recognize them immediately.


  • How old do you think Anna was?
  • How long are you willing to wait for God to answer your prayers?
  • Are we ready for His answer when it comes?
  • What would we sacrifice to serve Him? (Anna did not leave the temple complex for a long time!)


Dear God, Help me to be aware of how you are working around me every day! Amen.

“O Come Thou Long Expected Jesus”

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