The Old Man – December 22

Scripture Reading
Luke 2:25-35

Confirmation. It’s one thing to hear from an angel. It’s another thing to have the message confirmed by flesh and blood. When Mary and Joseph reached Jerusalem, a man they did not know confirmed what they already knew. Jesus was the Messiah.
Sometimes God allows us to get a bigger picture of His plan. Sometimes He provides someone to share with us and encourage us on the path that He has already laid out for us. And sometimes … we get information we wish we did not have to know. Such was the case with Simeon. Simeon revealed to the young couple that there would be the cause of sorrow (in Jesus’ death) as well as joy (in the salvation of all!). However, the encouragement that they were not crazy and that God was up to something must have been a great relief!


    • Have you ever felt God leading you to something, and then been encouraged by someone to pursue it?
    • What are some possible “crazy” things you think God might want you to do?
    • How can you be sure something is really God’s will?


Dear God, Please send people in my life to encourage me to follow your will. Amen.

“O Holy Night”


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