The Last Prophet – December 7

Scripture Reading
John 1:6-8

The story of the birth of John the Baptist would really be a bigger story to tell if it were not for the fact that it is so closely interwoven with genuinely the greatest story of a birth ever. John would probably approve because He knew that he was to decrease and the Messiah was to increase. However, John is the last of the prophets. He is the last one who predicts the coming of the Messiah, only to have the Messiah walk up to him to be baptized. I am sure that (if they were not in heaven where they could not sin) Isaiah and the other guys would be insanely jealous. Imagine! The prophet speaks and instantly his prophesy comes true!
We know enough about the story to know that not everyone received the truth, but thank God for a prophet born six months before Jesus who would prepare the way.


  • How can we prepare the way in the hearts of our friends and neighbors for Jesus?
  • Have you ever shared the Gospel and had people reject it? How does that make you feel?
  • What will you do this week to prepare the way?

Dear Jesus, Help me to prepare people to hear about and receive you. Amen.

“Angels We Have Heard on High”

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