The King – December 27

Scripture Reading
Matthew 2:11

Gold. A gift for a King.
As Jesus is the King of kings, it seems fitting that he should get gold. Some speculate that Joseph used the gold to set up shop in Egypt. Who knows. I think that we can be like the wise men and give our gold (money) to Jesus. We should be faithful to give a tithe (that’s a tenth) to our local church in order that the Word of God can be preached everywhere. We should also give more than what is required to assist in other areas as the Lord shows us. Give the gift of money to Jesus in 2010. Not because He needs your money, but because He is worthy of it.


  • How well do you give your money to Jesus?
  • Did you give a bigger Christmas present to someone in your family than you gave to Jesus this month?

Dear God, Help us to be faithful in giving money to you. Amen.

“We Three Kings”

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