The Inn – December 19

Scripture Reading
Luke 2:6-7

Mary and Joseph travel to an Inn in Bethlehem, but they do not get to stay there. They are invited to stay in the stable. There was no room for Jesus in the Inn.
It’s easy for us to sit back a criticize the Innkeeper (who is not in the Bible by the way) or the town of Bethlehem, however, the truth is, we are not very good at giving Jesus room in our lives either. Many people leave Jesus just a small amount of room at Christmas and Easter. Others are a little more giving, providing him an hour a week. The problem is, Jesus wants more. He wants a lot more. Jesus wants complete control of all of our life. The good news is, that when we give Him that control, he is very generous to provide us with a very abundant life filled with family, fun and great things. Praise God we get to share it!

  • Are there times when you don’t want to make room for Jesus?
  • How have you allowed Jesus to control your life?
  • What good things have you gotten since giving Jesus control?

Dear God, Please help me to give Jesus complete control of my life. Amen.


“It Came Upon a Midnight Clear”

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