The Evangelized – December 13

Scripture Reading
Luke 2:8-9

Jesus is born! Who does God tell first?
The kings and royalty? The priests and religious leaders? Who? Dirty, stinky, up all night, not fit for the temple, SHEPHERDS!
The shepherds are told about the birth of Jesus. After they experience this phenomenal expression of glorious magnitude, they say, “Let’s go see this thing!”
The shepherds understood that the excitement was not about the angels. The excitement was about the baby. The Messiah!
Sometimes we need to move our eyes away from the messenger and on to Christ. Praise God that he chose some simple folks (like us) and told us the good news! And praise God we get to share it!

  • Do you remember when you first “ran to Jesus?”
  • Who told you about Jesus?
  • Who have you told?

Dear God, Help me to run to you when I hear the good news and then tell others! Amen.



“While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks By Night”



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