The Evangelists – December 17

Scripture Reading
Luke 2:15-20

Not only were the shepherds the first to hear about the good news, they were also the first to go and tell the good news! That makes them the first evangelists! What great examples they were. They listened to the message of God, obeyed, and then went forth giving God glory for what he had done and telling people what they had been told.
What would happen to the world around us if we were to do the same thing?
This Christmas, let’s promise to:
at least once, listen to the message of God.
at least once, obey Him.
at least once, tell someone the good news as we heard it.

  • Have you listened to the message from God this Christmas season?
  • Name one thing God has told you to do.


Pray: Dear God, help me do it. Amen



Go, Tell it on the Mountain”


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