The Authority

Scripture Reading
Luke 2:1

Caesar Augustus: Emperor who ruled the Roman Empire from 27 b. c. to a.d.14; also known as Octavian, he established the peaceful era known as the Pax Romana; Caesar was a title of Roman emperors.

Who is in charge? Isn’t that often the question we ask?

Jesus never met him, He never knew Jesus, that we are aware, and yet he would play a part in history that is as crucial as the last piece of the border of the puzzle on the dining room table. Caesar Augustus provided the reason for a woman from Nazareth to have a baby in Bethlehem. A census. A tax. Who would have believed anything good could come from taxes!

Who is in charge? God. God, in his infinite wisdom ordains the rulers and they cannot make a move without His permission. Sometimes God allows things to take their course, and sometimes he intervenes. But we know who is really in charge!

• How have you seen God in charge of your life lately?
• Are there things you need to give up to Him?
• Has God used the ungodly to direct your path?

Dear Jesus, Thank You that You alone are sovereign, and You put the rulers in place. Amen.

“Silent Night”

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