The Arrogant – December 26

Scripture Reading
Matthew 2:1-8

Herod was jealous of Jesus. Herod did not want there to be another king. He tries to kill Jesus by killing children in Bethlehem. (talk about overkill!)
We sometimes have the same weakness as Herod. We have this problem letting anyone else rule over us. We want to be king of our lives. We are a lot like Herod. Publicly we say, tell me where this King Jesus is, and I will go and worship Him. But then privately we say, I really want to know where He is so I can destroy Him. I don’t want Him to be Lord over me.
Problem. He is Lord. We cannot stop that. We must allow Jesus to be the King of our lives.


  • How can you allow Jesus to reign in your heart today?
  • What part of your life can you give over to God today?

Dear Jesus, Forgive me for trying to be the king of my life and help me let You reign on the throne of my heart. Amen.

“I Surrender All”

CeCe Winans

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