The Announcement – December 13

Scripture Reading
Luke 1:43

Elizabeth recognized (by the Holy Spirit who fills her) that Mary’s baby is the Christ! It was (and is among Jewish women today) the desire of every Jewess to be the mother of the Messiah. Elizabeth knew that her pregnancy was of God, but she also discovered the glorious nature of her cousin Mary’s child. She, unlike Zechariah, immediately responded in faith. She was the first to recognize the Messiah!
One of the roles that Elizabeth had was a confidant – a mentor – for Mary. Mary had a very unique story and not everyone could relate. Elizabeth could relate to Mary. The child Elizabeth carried had its own miraculous angelic story. God used Elizabeth to confirm what Mary already knew.


  • Is there something God has done in your life that would give you the ability to relate to someone else in a similar circumstance?
  • Have you used that to encourage or minister?
  • Do you have someone in your life that is an encourager or a mentor?
  • Are you that someone for someone else?

Dear God, Help me to find others who can help me grow closer to You. Amen.


“What Child Is This?”

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