The Angel – December 19

Scripture Reading
Luke 1:5, 26

The Birth. Don’t worry, even though the birth of Jesus was a real human birth, we won’t get into the details of all that. But let’s talk about the humanity of Jesus.
When you think of Jesus do you ever think about him as a human? As a real human?
The angel Gabriel and the angels we meet later in the Christmas story with the Shepherds are apparently a sight to behold. (“Zechariah…was… overcome with fear.” Luke 1:12, “[The Shepherds] were terrified.” Luke 2:9)
The Shepherds and Zechariah seemed afraid of the angel. Mary was not. However, Mary and Zechariah questioned the angel but the shepherds did not.
All of this, and we sometimes wonder why God does not just send us an angel to give us instructions. Wait! God did send us a message- the Bible and it gives us plenty of instructions for life. He also sent us Jesus, the one who came to save us from our sins. Perhaps He is looking for us to share this message with those we know. We are not half as scary as an angel. We have the best news to share. More important than the birth of a baby – it is how that baby came to save the world!

  • How do you think you would respond to an angel?
  • When have you been given good news from someone?
  • When have you last shared some good news with someone?

God, Help me be an angel to someone and announce the good news of great joy that the Savior is born! Amen.

“O Come, All ye Faithful”

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