How to use Advent Devotions? 

In the next month I will be posting daily devotions related to Advent.

How can you use them?

The best answer is  – any way you wish!

Many people like to use devotions alongside the “Advent Wreath” and candles. Traditionally, an advent wreath has four candles on the outside and one in the middle. Those on the outside are to be lit one each week, adding one each week the four weeks prior to Christmas, the last candle is to be lit on Christmas eve or Christmas day.

This site will post devotions for every day of advent (and more!) You can use them as you wish! There are also many varying traditions regarding advent and the candles. These devotions are one approach, but you could do whatever helps your family best celebrate the advent. The important issue is to do something! Who knows? You might discover the joy of family time with God’s Word and want to do it into the new year. Please feel free to adapt these devotions to meet the needs of your family as you celebrate!

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