Advent Week 1 Activity – An Advent Wreath

The Idea
As the family prepares to do devotions during the Advent season, why not make an Advent Wreath together and utilize it when you do the devotions together.

Be Prepared
Gather supplies: Candles, greenery, garland, decorations, something to use for a base.

Be Relational
Share some of the following information with the family about advent and what it is.
The candles represent different things in different traditions. Often three of the candles are violet and one is rose colored, the center candle is usually white. Violet represents pentitence and the rose represents celebration. The rose candle is lit on the third Sunday of Advent as a pause to the repentant spirit of advent. The white center candle represents Christ and is usually lit on Christmas eve or Christmas day. Often times the candles are used to represent aspects of the Christmas story. One example might be to use the first candle to represent the prophets (see devotion for Day 6), the second, the shepherds (see devotion for Day 17 and 26), the third, Mary (see devotion for Day 18), and the fourth, Bethlehem (see devotion for Day 10). You could choose to have the candles represent any aspect of the Christmas story you wish.

Why do we have traditions like the Advent Wreath?
Why do you think many advent traditions focus on repentance?
How can an Advent Wreath help our family focus on Jesus this Christmas?

Share your favorite Christmas memories.

Be Missional
Decide the purpose and meaning your family wants to apply to the different candles. Find Bible verses or stories to go with each candle. Write down words and conversations related to each candle and save it to use from year to year.
Utilize the candles as you do the family devotions each night.
Consider making two wreaths and sharing one with another family.

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