December 2012 archive

Dec 31

The King – December 31

Scripture Reading Matthew 2:11 Devotion Gold. A gift for a King. As Jesus is the King of kings, it seems fitting that he should get gold. Some speculate that Joseph used the gold to set up shop in Egypt. Who knows. I think that we can be like the wise men and give our gold …

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Dec 30

The Arrogant – December 30

Scripture Reading Matthew 2:1-8 Devotion Herod was jealous of Jesus. Herod did not want there to be another king. He tries to kill Jesus by killing children in Bethlehem. (talk about overkill!) We sometimes have the same weakness as Herod. We have this problem letting anyone else rule over us. We want to be king …

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Dec 29

Good News – December 29

Scripture Reading Luke 2:10 Devotion Do not be afraid… I proclaim to you good news! The good news! Jesus is born! Good news! Great Joy! A savior! Good news! He will save His people from their sins! Great Joy! For all people! Immanuel! God with Us! Good news! Great Joy! Christ the Lord! He is …

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Dec 28

The Old Man – December 28

Scripture Reading Luke 2:25-35 Devotion Confirmation. It’s one thing to hear from an angel. It’s another thing to have the message confirmed by flesh and blood. When Mary and Joseph reached Jerusalem, a man they did not know confirmed what they already knew. Jesus was the Messiah. Sometimes God allows us to get a bigger …

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Dec 27

The Old Woman – December 27

Scripture Reading Luke 2:36-38 Devotion Anna spent time seeking God. I mean she spent a lot of time seeking God. She did what most of us cannot. She devoted her life to it. She was serving God night and day. When she saw what was happening with Simeon and Jesus, she knew God was there. …

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Dec 26

The Evangelists – December 26

Scripture Reading Luke 2:15-20 Devotion Not only were the shepherds the first to hear about the good news, they were also the first to go and tell the good news! That makes them the first evangelists! What great examples they were. They listened to the message of God, obeyed, and then went forth giving God …

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Dec 25

The Birth – December 25

Scripture Reading Luke 2:7 Devotion The Birth. Don’t worry, even though the birth of Jesus was a real human birth, we won’t get into the details of all that. But let’s talk about the humanity of Jesus. When you think of Jesus do you ever think about him as a human? As a real human? …

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Dec 24

The Baby – December 24

  Scripture Reading Luke 2:21 Devotion Jesus. The baby born was named Jesus. Jesus was the Greek version of the Hebrew name Joshua. And it means “one who saves.” The angel said to name him Jesus because “He will save His people from their sins.” Jesus came to save. What an amazing thought. This helpless …

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Dec 23

The Fullness of Time – December 23

Scripture Reading Galatians 4:4-7 Devotion God always has the right timing! He is never early, and never late. God is always on time. It makes perfect sense, because after all, God created time. And when the fullness of time came … when the right time came … when the time which was set aside by …

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Dec 22

The Angels – December 22

Scripture Reading Luke 2:13-14 Devotion The baby announcement is special! We tell our friends, we call our relatives, and we send out little cards telling everyone – a baby is coming! Angels! They are all over the Christmas story! They bring the proclamation to the world of the good news! This is as they say …

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